As the work in the automotive sector changes, here are 5 emerging (and digital) professions

CUSTOMER ADVISOR – € 1,300 – € 1,700 / MONTH
WHO IS AND WHAT IT DOES – If it is true that the importance of buying a car is second only to that of the house due to the load of emotional stress that it brings with it, a trend that is taking hold is to turn to a super partes consultant , able to support the selection process in a neutral but not less competent way. In Italy the DriveK portal has created the figure of the Advisor, which has the role of supporting the user during all the steps to be taken to buy the new machine, starting from the choice of the model, up to the financial aspects of the contract and then to the after-sales assistance. The Customer Advisor helps the user, by phone, email and chat, to find the perfect car that combines practical needs with aesthetic taste and, not least, with the

TRAINING – The customer advisor is professions with a strong digital connotation, but whose training is eclectic and different depending on the case: basic there is an in-depth knowledge of digital dynamics and above all those of the automotive sector. A person with only digital skills is not suited to a sector such as the automotive sector, which has very peculiar market dynamics and that differ greatly from other traditional retail sectors.

WHO IS AND WHAT IT DOES – ADM is a new professional figure that coordinates all the digital processes and the figures that deal with it: from the social media manager to the CRM manager, up to the campaign manager. He is a digital expert, obviously, but he knows the specificities of the automotive sector well: he knows that today having a website is not enough to intercept new customers and has certified skills to perform managerial functions related to the development of web and digital projects in the sector.

TRAINING – The Automotive Digital Manager is a professional figure that has a very wide range of skills and experiences: from digital marketing to social media management, from sales techniques to SEO and SEM, from the operation of a BDC to the management of a CRM. The Automotive Digital Manager can come from a marketing function or it can be born as a sale. In a small dealership, the Automotive Digital Manager also deals with operational issues and can replace the figure of the marketing manager, while in medium-large companies his duties become increasingly strategic, considering that there are vertical teams dedicated to the individual operational functions. For professions such as the Automotive Digital Manager and the BDC Manager there are ad hoc courses, which are intended to create professionals who have certified skills to perform managerial functions related to the development of web and digital projects in the automotive distribution sector, to meet current market demands. To understand how strategic the figure of the Automotive Digital Manager is, just think that Renault has an internal training and certification process so that each official dealer has at least one Automotive Digital Manager in it.

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