The most famous magazines in Italy in the Automotive sector

auto-magazine-italianiWhat are the most famous magazines in Italy in the Automotive sector ? The enthusiasts can choose between different options, all of a good standard, able to update readers on everything related to the automotive world. Most of these titles are available not only with the expensive old paper format, but also in a digital version that is increasingly appreciated not only by young people. So let’s take a look at the magazines that are able to capture more customers.

Four wheels

Among the many automotive magazines, Quattroruote is undoubtedly the most famous of all. It is a newspaper reserved not only for those who have a strong passion for these motor vehicles, but also for those who are simply curious and want to learn more. There is no lack of interesting lists reserved for new and used cars. However, one of the most read sections concerns the so-called road test, in which a group of experts test a specific car and report its characteristics and performance. Its output is on a monthly basis both in paper format and on the Web.

At the steering wheel

Al Volante is one of the relatively young magazines in the sector, but within a period of not very high time it has managed to become unmissable for many fans. One of its strengths is a smaller piece than most of the competition. In a small newspaper like this you can find many useful information, with reviews edited in detail and sections dedicated to the new and used. It comes out once a month and is available both on paper and on the Internet.

Cars Today

This is the automotive magazine published by Aci-Mondadori , which is offered for sale once a week. The newspaper explains what you need to do to buy a car and then keep it at its best, with a series of important measures for safe and informed driving. There are data sheets on cars tested in first person by editors and advances on models that are about to enter the market. In about seventy pages, you can have at hand a small guide of absolute importance for those who love cars.

People Motors

In this case, we are talking about the journal alongside the periodical Gente that deals specifically with the automotive world. A careful eye is also addressed to travel, with numerous market analyzes carried out by experts in the sector. The magazine is published once a month and can be easily consulted even in the modern digital format. Many consider this newspaper as the most accurate and reliable ever.

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