Digital, autonomous driving and electric motors: the future of the car only passes through alliances


GettyImages-461479642-1024x683Epochal changes are underway in the current car sector . Transitions that we are partially seeing but that in the coming months will become even more evident. Electrification, digitalization and semi-autonomous guidance are the carriers that are dragging this transformation that will lead manufacturers to become increasingly “service sellers”. The car, in fact, is no longer conceived as a mere object to possess and perhaps to show as a status symbol to move from A to B, but as a technological hub , where to work and connect. In this vision, which belongs mainly to millennials, technology represents the real added value.

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This transformation of the automotive sector requires huge amounts of capital from the builders. Capitals that are certainly not easy to find, given that car manufacturers are investing a lot to make engines clean, and therefore comply with the increasingly stringent European regulations on emissions. The only solution to survive in this new war is therefore that of an alliance between the various automotive companies to come together and share the investments.

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The alliances represent the present and the future of the automotive sector. Furthermore, partnerships are essential to counteract the giants of technology such as Apple and Google’s Waymo, which have enormous liquidity and have been investing in the field of autonomous driving and digitization for some years. For a few months now, Waymo itself has been offering its driverless specialization to car manufacturers; the Google subsidiary has in fact signed an agreement with both the FCA and Jaguar & Land Rover for the supply respectively of Chrysler Pacifica and Jaguar I-Pace, and with Groupe Renault and Nissan for the development of self-driving cars used both to the transport of people and goods.

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