The most famous magazines in Italy in the Automotive sector

auto-magazine-italianiWhat are the most famous magazines in Italy in the Automotive sector ? The enthusiasts can choose between different options, all of a good standard, able to update readers on everything related to the automotive world. Most of these titles are available not only with the expensive old paper format, but also in a digital version that is increasingly appreciated not only by young people. So let’s take a look at the magazines that are able to capture more customers.

Four wheels

Among the many automotive magazines, Quattroruote is undoubtedly the most famous of all. It is a newspaper reserved not only for those who have a strong passion for these motor vehicles, but also for those who are simply curious and want to learn more. There is no lack of interesting lists reserved for new and used cars. However, one of the most read sections concerns the so-called road test, in which a group of experts test a specific car and report its characteristics and performance. Its output is on a monthly basis both in paper format and on the Web.

At the steering wheel

Al Volante is one of the relatively young magazines in the sector, but within a period of not very high time it has managed to become unmissable for many fans. One of its strengths is a smaller piece than most of the competition. In a small newspaper like this you can find many useful information, with reviews edited in detail and sections dedicated to the new and used. It comes out once a month and is available both on paper and on the Internet.

Cars Today

This is the automotive magazine published by Aci-Mondadori , which is offered for sale once a week. The newspaper explains what you need to do to buy a car and then keep it at its best, with a series of important measures for safe and informed driving. There are data sheets on cars tested in first person by editors and advances on models that are about to enter the market. In about seventy pages, you can have at hand a small guide of absolute importance for those who love cars.

People Motors

In this case, we are talking about the journal alongside the periodical Gente that deals specifically with the automotive world. A careful eye is also addressed to travel, with numerous market analyzes carried out by experts in the sector. The magazine is published once a month and can be easily consulted even in the modern digital format. Many consider this newspaper as the most accurate and reliable ever.

Automotive, two or three things to know to make a career abroad

carThey are also our made in Italy, the top managers of what the American national economist Peter Drucker once called “the industrial industry” once and for all . Because the car, despite an advanced de-industrialization , remains a driving force for the economy in many countries. And from Italy, no longer central to the Fiat of Sergio Marchionne , continue to start managers who make a fortune abroad. Few at the highest levels for a sector so rich in opportunities, but still another face of the too waving flag of Made in Italy.

Times have changed greatly since the mid-80s when Fiat was about to merge its car business with Ford of Europe . So, they told us once, there were many in Turin who started studying English in anticipation of the entrance of the important American partner. The deal jumped at the last moment , but mastering the language of Skakespeare did well anyway. The change of gear was with the arrival in 2004 of Marchionne, raised in Canada and practically bilingual: when he hires a new manager for his Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , he held the interview in English.

Meeting these and other top managers in international car shows is not always like Forbes tells with some irony , but it is true that they are all part of a real community. Today, at the top of our foreign legion are two: one is Luca de Meo , a career in the Volkswagen group , the other is Daniel Schillaci just hired by Nissan (and snatched from Toyota Europe) to direct sales and marketing worldwide with workplace in Yokohama. If with de Meo in Audi a small Italian community lives together with two designers and a manager – Alessandro Dambrosio at the top of Konzept Design in Monaco,Simona Falcinelli to oversee the “Color and Trim” section of Audi and Giovanni Perosino to the global advertising of the German brand – on top of the Volkswagen group’s design for years (but close to retirement) Walter de Silva, while between London and Cologne Gaetano Thorel is marketing director of Ford Europe. A list that does not end here.

“It seems trivial, but we have to adapt: the first thing is really to learn the language”, says Luca de Meo, 48, Bocconi graduate, spinning top between Belgium, France, Italy, Germany working for Renault, Toyota, the Fiat, the Volkswagen. Still for a few days on the Audi board with responsibility for sales and marketing, de Meo will be head of the Seat brand with work in Barcelona from 1 November. One of the many effects of the Volkswagen scandal for the tampering of emissions tests on some diesel engines, which has turned the top of the German group upside down.

“The most important thing is to understand in depth the country where we are going to work – de Meo tells us again – and to do this we need to know the language well. It is the first rule for those coming from countries that do not dominate the international political scene, which do not have large corporations with their managerial models. The Americans and the British obviously do not have this problem, as the Germans do not have that belong to a country system that still leads them to make a career. In fact they all speak English, but after two minutes they go to their language. And it happens even partially to the French, not always obliged to get back into the game, while we Italians always have to make a leap. But I can say that this desire to enter the new family is much appreciated and makes you different “.

Taste and creativity are the qualities that are often attributed by foreigners to Italian entrepreneurs and managers. Do you agree? “To put it in Latin, our genius loci is to find a simple solution to complex problems . The Germans, for example, love complex solutions for complex problems “. Advice for those who want to go abroad to do business or make a career? “To enter into the cultural economic fabric of the host country. Of course, there is a meta operating system of how business is done in the world, but it is not enough “.

If de Meo promises to study seriously for the next six months the Spaniard, Andrea Formica, 54, international consultant after being among the other number three of Toyota Europe, marketing director of Ford UK, president of Ford Italy and managing director of Fiat sees it differently. “Today should not be like this anymore, but Italian managers have often been recognized as talented, not as reliable”. The perception of the Italian linked to the umbilical cord of his country and his family has also come from the “handicap of not having fully global Italian companies in the car, paying for the fact that the dominant groups are others “. If the American managers know how to be “terribly racist” considering only the English as they are, the French hold to rule in the world with their own men. Advice to those who want to jump? “To make first of all personal choices that are not an obstacle to a career, to create a truly international approach . We must immediately demonstrate value and quality and live this choice as an opportunity, not as a sacrifice “.

Luxury rental cars, a growing trend: the idea of ​​a startup

noleggio-auto-di-lusso-660x400 (1)The luxury car rental market is a niche sector that unfortunately does not present specific data, even if evaluating the data of the short-term car rental market and those coming from the luxury tourism market in Europe, a growing sector comes out

World Travel Monitor of Ipk International has shown, about the analysis on luxury tourism that, precisely,

Over the last 5 years, the luxury travel sector has experienced an increase of 48% worldwide, compared to + 24% of other international travels.
The data of ANIASA (National Association of the Automobile Rental Industry and Automotive Services) on short-term rental declare a sector that grows by about 4 percentage points from year to year.

People who choose to do on-the-road holidays increase by choosing to drive a luxury car.

In fact, in the last two years, luxury car rentals have increased by 18% . It is no coincidence that the research of Italian users on the net about the keyword “luxury car rental” has increased and the increase is easily visible with simple tools, such as Google Trends , with which we can analyze the trend in net increase right between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

The search for simplicity and immediacy is the goal of Vroomerz that includes providers from all over the world to offer its customers the most remarkable luxury cars of every category (Sport, Berline, Suv and Cabrio) of the most prestigious brands: Ferrari, Maserati , Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

The portal of luxury car rentals is innovative startup that has structured an online portal to organize information directly from the user’s management and to offer the customer real availability. The user who wants to rent the car must select the collection and delivery city, the collection and delivery date, the desired car category and the platform that will select the range available in real time for the rental.

Citroen DS3 World Paris

citroen-ds3-world-paris-4-10The Double Chevron House unveiled the exclusive limited edition Citroen DS3 World Paris to celebrate the opening of the new DS Store inaugurated in the French capital.

To create the World Paris, designers from beyond the Alps deliberately took inspiration from the artistic movement of Art Deco , which best represents the French talent in craftsmanship.

This special edition is recognized at first glance by the color of the opaque ash gray body, in contrast with the Trinitarian brown finish covering the roof and the rearview mirror covers.

17-inch alloy wheels are shown on the sides , painted with a color that reproduces the color of the roof and the mirrors.

Get on board you can breathe a sophisticated environment, where exclusive materials and colors are combined to make this special edition unique. The upholstery, as well as the gear lever, the center armrest and the dashboard inserts, are upholstered in Trinitario brown Nappa leather with beige contrast stitching.

The French manufacturer has announced that the DS3 World Paris will be made in only 15 copies , each of which will be distinguished by the special plate that shows the number of the specimen belonging to this limited edition.

Prices and time to market have not been unveiled at the moment by the Casa d’Oltralpe.

Nissan Qashqai Premier Limited Edition

nissan-qashqai-premier-limited-edition-20The Japanese company celebrates the beginning of the commercialization of the new Nissan Qashqai with the Premier Limited Edition , an exclusive limited edition version featuring an outfit full of special features.

Enough of the top-of-the-range Tekna equipment, the Qashqai Premier Limited Edition stands out above all for the front lights with bi-LED technology and for additional chrome finishes, as well as for the exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels .

Offered exclusively in the colors Pearl White, Night Shade, Metallic Black and Metallic Red, the Premier Limited Edition sports interior upholstered in leather and Alcantara but above all the inevitable plate where the number of the specimen belonging to the limited series stands out.

The cockpit also offers a panoramic glass roof and the NissanConnect infotainment system .

Under the bonnet pulsates the 1.6 130 hp dCi diesel engine , which can be combined with the classic manual or the automatic, while the All-mode all-wheel drive is offered as standard.

The Premier Limited Edition will be realized only in 2007 units and offered only to those who are already a Nissan customer no later than December 31, 2013 at a price of 33,620 euros .

Know how to sell cars and motorcycles in a period of crisis

sell-motorcycleThe auto and motorcycle market is experiencing a profound change due to the crisis. Therefore, adapting the store strategy and organization becomes fundamental. Yeah, but how to do it?

Vito Caramia , an expert mobility business manager who for several years (initially for BMW Italy, currently for Yamaha Motor Italia), is responsible for the sustainability of the sales networks of the car and motorcycle sector and in 2011 wrote the interesting volume ” Il automotive business “( Hoepli Editore , official Facebook page ).

His is the first Dealer Management manual expressly dedicated to cars and motorcycles . Written from the point of view of the visa from inside, and not only from the outside, through concrete examples it offers solutions to many of the problems that have emerged in recent years and the moves to anticipate the recovery.

Since we can define the book as the dealer’s first economy manual, can you get a picture of the average Italian dealer?

«It’s bad to say – Caramia’s words -, but we must recognize the great merit of having given us the opportunity to judge the entrepreneurial level of Italian dealers. Unfortunately, the vote rarely exceeds sufficiency. The reason is soon explained: in the decades of growing “friend” market, characterized by a strong spontaneous demand, the only qualities required of the average dealer entrepreneur were a modest initiative and be in the right place at the right time. Former mechanics, dealers or children of rich and noble families with the passion of cars rented or bought a building, put out a sign, exposed their cars and voila, the game was done.

The wide profit margins, compared to very low management costs, guaranteed returns on adequate investments giving the business the appearance of economic sustainability. Little more than a franchise in short. Today everything has changed. The average concessionaire has two choices: hoping that the descendants have developed a greater entrepreneurial capacity thanks to the expensive schools they have attended (and here the traumatic issue of generational change opens up) or rely on the advice of their accountant, a manager or even worse than his best seller, who will stop playing a role that brought great benefit to the company to go and cover another where everything will be, except that added value. Attention to financial burdens, virtuous management of used goods, the web and social marketing, staff training,

CRM and so on are just some of the aspects that are still hidden by a smoky curtain that the entrepreneur seems unable to unravel. The historical period we are experiencing must represent the best moment to question and review in depth the precarious certainties on which the company management of numerous dealers has been based to date. It is no longer the time of regrets but the time of ideas: to give rise to a new vision of business from the crisis is the main objective that I set myself with the book “.

The historical period we are experiencing must represent the best moment to question and review in depth the precarious certainties on which the company management of numerous dealers has been based to date. It is no longer the time of regrets but the time of ideas: to give rise to a new vision of business from the crisis is the main objective that I set myself with the book “. The historical period we are experiencing must represent the best moment to question and review in depth the precarious certainties on which the company management of numerous dealers has been based to date. It is no longer the time of regrets but the time of ideas: to give rise to a new vision of business from the crisis is the main objective that I set myself with the book “.

Uber suspends operations in Vienna after unfavorable judgment

Uber was forced to temporarily suspend its activities in the Austrian capital after an unfavorable verdict in court. But the company ensures that this is only part of the discount.

The bad news is accumulating for Uber in Europe: after the suspension of its service in Athens and Bratislava , its difficulties in maintaining its activities in London and the judgment of the Court of Justice of the Union to allow regulators to consider the society as a regulation of transport companies , and not of services, it is from Austria that a new trap has come.


The US company specializing in bringing individuals into contact with drivers offering a transport service has been banned from offering UberX, UberBlack and UberVan services in Vienna, the Austrian capital, through justice. A ban that the group however intends to fight, she said in a statement taken by AFP .

”  We are working hard to change our practices to be able to offer our services again in a few days,  ” she says. Uber was faced with a lawsuit filed in the Vienna Commercial Court by a local taxi company that believes the US group’s offer constitutes unfair competition.

The vandalism of self-service bicycles, a problem not so French

Degradation, theft, negligence: self-service transport is being abused by users, not only in France. In the United States, companies are trying to fight against vandalism that spares neither scooters, bicycles, electric or not.

In the United States, people are damaging and stealing self-service electric scooters, the Washington Post reported on   April 19. The American companies  Bird Rides , LimeBike , Spin and Waybots are facing theft and vandalism problems that can also be found on the European side. So, is the public ready for the technology that is available to them and that could significantly change urban transportation?


The Anglophone media discusses the difficulties faced by American communities in apprehending these new services. For example, the city of Austin, Texas, reportedly seized more than 50 self-service electric scooters. As for San Francisco, California,  66 scooters were seized  and the city had to send a cease and desist order , which mentions a ”  public nuisance endangering the health”. and public safety.  ”

On the European side, last February,  the Hong Kong company stopped its self-service bike service in France for theft and vandalism. Bikes were found at the bottom of the Seine or severely damaged. In total, nearly 3,400 bicycles were vandalized and more than 1,000 stolen.

On its website, notes that ”  the very large number of thefts and degradations [have] forced them to close [their] doors in Europe  “. The company also failed to win in Brussels, Belgium. The same is true of companies operating overseas. Where does this problem seem to inevitably hit these companies.


There will only be 3 big operators in the United States

The US telecoms market is entering a concentration phase: T-Mobile and Sprint announce their intention to merge. If successful, there will be only three major operators on the other side of the Atlantic.

Not so long ago, the US telecom market could have been the new frontier for the ambitions of some French operators. We remember that in 2014, the parent company of Free, Iliad, had submitted an offer to take 56% of T-Mobile. However, the offer was not considered sufficient by its owner, the German group Deutsche Telekom, leading Iliad to throw in the towel .

This perspective is now dead and buried. Across the Atlantic, it’s a very different path that has been taken by the market since T-Mobile has announced its intention to merge with one of its rivals, Sprint. If the operation succeeds, which requires not only the approval of the shareholders but also the agreement of the regulatory authorities, there will be only three major operators in the US.


In addition to T-Mobile (the name of Sprint will disappear during the merger process of the two companies), the sector will include AT & T and Verizon. By way of comparison, France has four main operators: Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free. According to the two American companies, this merger will be beneficial for the customers, with eventually lower subscription prices.

It will obviously remain to be seen whether this concentration will actually lead to greater price competition or, on the contrary, will not lead to a stronger status quo. In France, it is the introduction of a fourth player, Free, in the mobile phone market, which caused a tariff battle in 2012, which resulted in a sharp drop in the bill.

What to clean with a steam cleaner?

Small revolution in the world of household tools, the steam cleaner is placed on the front of the stage to eliminate dirt and odors in the blink of an eye. Versatile and environmentally friendly accessory, focus on 5 ways to use this jewel of cleanliness.


– Clean glass and mirrors
– Furniture with steam cleaner
– Clean the kitchen completely
– Clean floor to ceiling
– Textiles from home to steam cleaner

1. Clean glazing and mirrors

The steam cleaner is a great success especially to maintain the glass surfaces of the house. Faster than a rag and especially more effective to say goodbye to traces, it is used without moderation!

  • Windows and glazing: Ideal for windows without traces, the jet of steam is used on the windows while the dry steam eliminates the dust on the frames or the blinds.
  • Mirrors: The steam is applied a few seconds before wiping the surface with a clean cloth and voila!
 sofa cleaner vapor


2. The furniture with steam cleaner

It is not always easy to clean your interior furniture, especially when it is not removable. This is where the steam cleaner comes in to effortlessly maintain these everyday objects.

  • The mattress: When the amount of water used is less than 10%, the superheated steam is ideal for disinfecting it. It eliminates dust mites and bed bugs.
  • Sofa and chairs: Powerful, steam removes stains here without damaging the fabrics. It penetrates any type of fiber – even leathers , to dislodge dirt.

3. Clean the kitchen completely

A true disinfectant, the steam cleaner proves formidable against dirt in damp rooms and sometimes greasy like cooking.

  • Fridge and freezer: yes, we can clean these two conservation monsters with steam. Safe for food, it eliminates bacteria and mold in every nook and cranny, even on rubber seals.
  • Oven and barbecue: here also the steam cleaner is effective since it degreases in a healthy way the smallest parts of our cooking appliances.
  • Washbasin and piping: it is associated with a few drops of lemon to descale deep where the sponges do not reach the deposits.


kitchen cleaner steam


4. Clean floor to ceiling


The steam has the power, according to its degree of intensity, clean the house from cellar to attic whatever coatings that are installed.

  • Tiles, stone or parquet: in dry steam for wood or combined with a microfibre cloth for porous floors, the steam offers an immediate result without effort.
  • Walls and ceilings: even delicate, some coatings like wallpaper can be steam cleaned. It’s all about temperature for a safe cleaning so that every surface can be used.

5. Home Textiles with Steam Cleaner

Freshness at wish for home textiles, it’s possible! It cleans and purifies by combining several elements such as essential oils in the steam cleaner.

  • The carpets: clean and disinfected, they find a second youth with the power of steam while keeping their volume.
  • Curtains and sheers: for a 100% springtime atmosphere, essential oils or lemon are combined with steam to obtain a fresh and perfumed cleansing.